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I’m a little weirdo by the fact that you can always find me here. I’ve decided to create this blog to share content about this band called muse, also because i have a lot of time and barely go outside.

Muser from Mexico City who also likes more music, design, art, architecture, and stalk celebrity crushes.

I’m absolute obsessed with them (very clear dude) but mostly with the lead singer, Matthew Bellamy (*gaps* what an inspiration). I’m trying with the time get more photos of the other two members, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme, so that this blog can be more comprehensive in the term ‘Muse Blog’

In this blog I don’t usually to post about myself (except for Muse stuff related of course) Because this is my side blog. So if you want to talk to me about something eles, you are very welcome :)can be more comprehensive in the term ‘Muse Blog’ In this blog I don’t usually to post about myself (except for Muse stuff related of course) Because this is my side blog. So if you want to talk to me about something eles, you are very welcome :)


It doesn't have enough time, about the end of 2011 (probably more inclined to 2012). The first time I heard one of his songs was Starlight, precisely in 2006 (not knowing that it was Muse). Later in 2010, I heard Uprising for the first time in the transmission of Glastonbury, and then I was looking for a couple of songs because I found them amazing. Soon I returned to find Starlight, but I hadn't devoted as much to the band from 2011 to 2012.
I'm always debating between Origin Of Symmetry or The Resistance, because both are very good, but I think musically speaking - also for the feelings around the songs, haha - I prefer by far The Resistance, which is the most clearly essence of Muse - you know, spatial rock with cool beats, alternative, conspiracy theories and falsetto - It's probably one of the best albums on the universe. For a favourite song I can choose for you my favourites; Uprising, Starlight, SMBH, New Born, Hysteria, Showbiz, Easily, KOC, Plug In Baby and I'd better stop before I continue
From fan sites, forums and photo galleries. The old and new info I get is from sites, articles, and of course from the official sites of Muse.